Posted on 2016-09-16 11:10:04 (Flag for deletion)

What makes Maddy such a fucking worthless cunt?
Answers please.......


Posted on 2016-09-16 12:20:33 (Flag for deletion)

Dunno. She just is. I guess it's the fact that she looks like an old used dried up old version of Lois Griffin, maybe?


Posted on 2016-09-16 13:24:07 (Flag for deletion)

I think it's cos her cunt is so stretched with all the use that there's no feeling when you stick your cock up inside her, doesn't touch the grip!


Posted on 2016-09-16 13:25:37 (Flag for deletion)

and she looks like a fucking retard


Posted on 2016-09-16 14:33:09 (Flag for deletion)

It's the way she takes her teeth out to suck cock


Posted on 2016-09-16 15:10:42 (Flag for deletion)

No it's because her cunt smells of rotting meat and her tits hang down to her fat gut. Can't you hold a plastic bag over the old cunts head till she dies Bart. Do the world a favor!


Posted on 2016-09-16 19:34:43 (Flag for deletion)

I think it's because she's a washed up old whore with a well used and saggy body, no teeth, no looks and definitely no sex appeal. The sad old cunt even tries to be sexy, she's pathetic.


Posted on 2016-09-16 22:15:27 (Flag for deletion)

she's a dog


Posted on 2016-09-16 23:07:05 (Flag for deletion)

She's not worthy of being a dog bro.
Possibly a pig or a warthog


Posted on 2016-09-19 11:09:52 (Flag for deletion)

it's cos she smells of decay


Posted on 2016-09-19 19:37:07 (Flag for deletion)

Well she can still be used as a pain pig and a sounding board hurting her feelings. Her used up whorish Lois Griffin appeal. She's even grateful if you use any of her holes to masturbate into then punch her in the face. Her tits are punching bags she's a free fuck or fluffer if you're waiting for a decent one if Bart's bitches are backed up. Spit in her face and watch her cry. She's alive and warm meat....


Posted on 2016-09-20 10:57:50 (Flag for deletion)

Her cunt smells because it's connected to her colon. She farts and shits through it....urgghhh


Posted on 2016-09-20 21:36:25 (Flag for deletion)

That's gross. So where does she piss from? and do you knock her up from her butt?


Posted on 2016-09-20 22:11:37 (Flag for deletion)

Can't knock the old cunt up Bro. She's too old. Wasn't so much a menopause more a menostop.
But you wouldn't want to stick your dick up her without protection. Who knows what you'd catch. Certainly the clap and probably aids and ebola as well.


Posted on 2016-09-20 23:42:26 (Flag for deletion)

I hear she's got crabs.

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