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Posted on 2017-02-02 05:59:40 by MaggieSimpson

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As you can see, this is the pee version. I had never seen this one before tonight. Lisa is expertly drawn and who knows what persuaded her out of her panties to allow Bart to witness this intimate act. If you're into the wetter aspects of sex, this is an excellent find.

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Bart persuaded his promiscuous sister to allow him to photograph her in the middle of urinating. Lisa needed to go so badly, she didn't care who would see her. So with her ivory lace-edged panties pulled down, she lay on the floor. And when Bart pulled up one of her legs to obtain a better view, Lisa didn't object. While
keeping one eye open, Lisa didn't seem to be embarrassed at all, as she opened the floodgates of her very full bladder. Golden streams poured from her fountain and Bart got a good view. The video camera he'd hidden even picked up the hissing and splattering sounds as her golden nectar hit the floor beneath and beside her. He would post it all online later. Lisa's stream flowed at least two minutes, arching at its fullest point, then gradually ebbing to a trickle. Bart caught it all on camera. Lisa was so comfortable with her body, that she didn't care who saw the video later on. Maybe they could even make money from it. When it was over, she thanked Bart for helping her, and for filming the wanton display. Lisa hoped that every boy she wanted to fuck would watch the video feed. Maybe this would increase her popularity.

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Such a big arc! How bad did Lisa need this?

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Bart fisting her rectum seemed to push Lisa's need to the forefront. Shoving his arm deeper into her ass, Lisa had no way to control her bladder anymore. With the last thrust, a full stream gushed from her urethra. She winced at the impact, even closing one eye. The stream was so powerful and her need so great, that Lisa quickly admitted defeat as she involuntarily pissed all over the floor.

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Bart is so lucky, getting leaky_lisa to a point where she can't hold and has to do this!